L.A. Entrepreneur Hopes to Make Body Armor a Hot Fashion Item (Los Angeles Times)

A new line of streetwear, body armor vest is making a fashion statement. Being bullet proof, the clothing hopes to tap into the civilian market.

The way Michael Jones tells it, the Los Angeles Police Department patrol cars rolled up on him and a few friends as they stood on a downtown street corner one morning, shooting promo videos for his new line of streetwear. This would have made him nervous in any case, he says. He’s 30 years old and African American, after all— attributes known to trigger racial profiling.  It was more than that, though. The date was July 8, the day after a sniper wearing body armor shot and killed five Dallas police officers and wounded seven others. And Jones’ fashion items, khaki and denim vests with optional hoodies, are bullet-resistant.

manequin in body armor
Body armor is not just a fashion statement. It is protection from bullets.

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