Dazzle Your Home with Bejeweled Aura

Give your home a superb appeal by enhancing it with semi precious gems. Along with mirrors and treasure chests, they bring a good ambience.

Artifacts adorned with semi-precious stones and metals give your home a royal appeal. Many of us have the assumption that they are used only in jewelry. However, history says that they were used in kings palaces. The walls and the ceilings of the palaces were embossed with them and gems.

jewels hanging as decorations
Make your home beautiful by decorating it with jewelry.

These semi-precious stones and gems come in different variants like Opal, coral, lapis, lazuli and turquoise gives an appealing bejeweled touch to your home. Jeweled mirrors and treasure chests embossed with them bring glitter to any space. Walnut wood engraved screens and room partitions embellished with copper or brass will not only be enchanting, but also give it a classic look.

Marble along with semi-precious stones comes with wide array of decorative items ranging from boxes, furniture and murals. While one can place the boxes and salvers at any corner of the home, whereas marble laid furniture’s look elegant on wide veranda’s and terraces. One can also go ahead with creating a summery ambiance with a marble swing or a side table. If you are creative enough you can also opt for beautiful tiles in metal hues to adorn the walls.

Lamps also make a sparkling accessories, more so with stones like lazuli and lapis. One can have either the bases or the shades embellished with them while the light falling on them gives a magnificent effect. Bases could be made off ceramic, while shell and glass are delicate options for shades. Objects of art made of agate will definitely add a stylish look to your decor. One can bring out the creativity by placing beautiful bowls on wooden bases that comes to life with appropriate lighting.

Last but not the least crystals play a major role in accessorizing objects of art. Figurines and statuettes are extensively used with gem stones. Either way they are adornments to treasure and add a dazzle to the festive spirit.

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