Creating A Luxury Bathroom on a Budget

If you diligently shop for suppliers and contractors in the remodel business, emphasize on the necessities, and fine tune other areas, a quality bathroom remodel can be completed with a modest budget.

Updating a bathroom and giving it a fresh, clean look will add real value and luxury to your home. Even when working with a budget, there are many ways to save and still include attractive elements like artisan sinks, elegant tubs, and spacious vanities. By focusing on the essentials and making minor adjustments to other areas, a quality bathroom remodel can be completed in an affordable way.

bathroom sink and toilet
You can save and even add stylish and space in remodeling your bathroom.

Choosing attractive fixtures that match and compliment the overall design will ensure a cohesive look. There is a wide selection of designer sinks available on the internet to choose from. The sink is usually the main focal point in the bathroom, so selecting one with a modern and stylish appeal is important.

No matter what size your bathroom is, you will want to make it feel as spacious as possible. A luxurious bathroom has all of the necessities but does not feel crowded or tight. Installing sleek glass vessel sinks and taking out unneeded cabinetry will help free up space. Mirrors will also create the illusion of depth.

Paint is the simplest way to freshen up any room, including the bathroom. By choosing a paint color that you love, you can base the rest of your design choices off of this one basic element. A neutral paint color opens up a world of possibilities, in terms of flooring, tiles, fixtures, and decorative items. It may be easier to select the wall color first, and then shop for the fixtures.

It can be challenging to work with a limited budget for a bathroom remodel, but it is possible to create a luxurious space. Focusing on installing high quality fixtures will allow you to trim down costs in other areas. The most important part of a remodel is the final look, so be sure that it is bright, fresh, and inviting.

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