Hold A Great Bar Mitzvah for all to Remember

Momentous in a child’s life is the bar mitzvah. Make sure you plan it well by choosing the right theme and by getting the procedure correct from the start.

To hold a Bar or Bat Mitzvah that all the guests as well as hosts will remember for a long time for all the best reasons takes painstaking planning together with creative design and attention to all the details that make sure that the logistics run like clockwork. Bring all of these elements together and you will give the perfect party.

bar mitzvah ceremony
Plan your child’s bar mitzvah well. It is significant in his life.

Considering that this is probably the most important date in your child’s life you really want to make sure that the Bat Mitzvah goes like a song.

1. Finding the right theme

Of course this is celebration of maturity for your special young man or young woman, but of course all the guests should be able to enjoy the event regardless of age or gender. Start thinking about the things your child is passionate about consider:

  • Interests
  • Favorite characters
  • Movies
  • Media
  • Keep to the cool factor

Take time to see what other moms and pops are writing about the themes that they have chosen for their Bat Mitzvah to get additional ideas. Don’t be afraid to think out of the box and go beyond just theming on your child’s hobbies.

2. Find a suitable location for the theme

A bare catering hall will not really help you carry off a good theme party such as Batman or the Mad Hatters tea party, check out the venues that you know and see if the owners can confirm they can deck out the hall correctly. Another smart move is to contact Bat Mitzvah catering companies who you are considering using to ask them if they know of good locations that suit the theme you have chosen. By getting a location that already responds to your needs will reduce the amount you will have to spend on decoration.

3. Getting it right from the start

Remember that many of your child’s friends will also be celebrating Bat Mitzvah as each one reaches 13 years of age, so the competition for the best Bat Mitzvah party is going to be pretty intense. For this reason designing really attractive invitations to the party is your first important goal. The invitation should reflect the theme and if you are also sending invitations by email consider using animations and graphics to raise the appeal.

4. Appeal to all your guests’ senses

Ensure that the catering company you use can demonstrate to you that they not only produce mouth-watering food and refreshments but that their presentation style is excellent. People use all 5 of their senses and the saying “people eat with their eyes” holds true. For this reason a really well presented food display is essential.


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