There is not a Party Like a Bachelorette Party

There are many reasons for everyone to celebrate: holidays, birthdays, anniversaries. Bachelorette parties are for women.

Of all the parties, there is not a more enjoyable party like a bachelorette party. If you really think about it few people actually need a reason to have a good party. Of course we love our birthday parties, holiday parties, anniversary parties, and family reunions and such.  But, bachelorette parties frequently pull out all the stops.

women getting served with men with no shirts
Women have fun and get pampered at bachelorette parties

Just a few things to consider for your next bachelorette party:

  • Ladies it’s time to relax. Women love spas. What’s not to love? Massages, soaking in a hot pool, facials, invigorating scents this is truly pure and utter relaxation at its finest. Imagine the looks on the faces of the women when they find out that this bachelorette party is actually going to be a spa party. Frequently places like this will give discounts to larger groups or at least some special consideration or offer. This could be the last time all of you get together after all so you might as well make it special. Nothing says special to a woman like a spa treatment.
  • Have your dollar bills handy Just for fun and giggles, why not involve everyone in the bachelorette party in some pole dancing? Enroll each of them in a pole dancing class. Of course most of you will end up laughing so hard you’ll probably fall right off the pole. And who knows, you may have the opportunity to show off what you learn some night with your new hubby. Hey you never know.
  • One last picture before we all go off and get married pictures are worth 1000 words they say. How about a picture of all the girls before any more of them runs out to get married. Make a day out of it. And don’t just take a regular picture with someone’s cell phone. Absolutely not. This is going to be a portrait, but not just any portrait. To make the picture really special go somewhere that offers themed portraits. You can all be roaring twenties flappers, gangsters, cowboys and cowgirls… whatever compels but you. In future years this portrait could prove to bring both smiles and tears but always good memories.
  • Do it up right since all the girls are together you might as well make the most of it and take an extended weekend somewhere warm, exotic, and where all the girls can be waited on hand and foot. You will spend enough time waiting and your husband and family, so right now it’s your turn. Why not get the royal treatment for just a few days before settling into your new life together.

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