Creating a Successful Social Media Giveaway Contest

To get new and repeat customers, giving away free samples of your merchandise in social media is a powerful and hard to resist marketing strategy.

Giveaway marketing in social media involves distribution of free samples or services with the aim of promoting your business. It is a powerful strategy that pays back in a torrent of new and repeat customers. It works on a very simple principle. Psychologically, people cannot resist the lure of receiving something for free. It is a powerful drive and the king of the words in marketing strategy even today, no matter how worn out it may sound. The effect it has on people is more than hypnotic.

Social Media is a great place for conversation about your product.
Social Media is a great place for conversation about your product.

How it Works

Giveaway marketing works in two ways. One, prospects who get the chance to test your merchandise or service for free have a chance to compare it to the competition, and eventually continue purchasing it. Two, the prospects feel the psychological obligation to return the favor, by continuing to use your products or services.

The Role of Social Media

The expansion of social networks made possible for businesses to operate their own contents, marketing through affiliates and giveaways which in return can provide a great link building base for SEO, create social engagement and increase traffic. Social network giveaways increases brand awareness, providing constant sharing on social hubs like Facebook and Twitter.

Determining the Scope

The first thing before establishing a giveaways contest is to determine the goal of the giveaway. Whether it’s aimed to increase social engagement to your business’s Facebook or Twitter page, or its purpose is link building machine, the goal should determine the type of contest and entries that will be used. Simultaneously, this is the point where the budget of the contest is determined.

Fly the Rafflecopter!

One of the best ways to launch a giveaway contest for your business is Rafflecopter. It’s compatible with Facebook and it’s free. It creates widgets that you can easily embed into your site or blog. It is comprehensive, so that using one giveaway you can achieve different objectives, as it gives the ability to create multiple entries. If you add the Rafflecopter widget to a permanent page on your site, the links and publicity generated to that page will remain once the contest is over and the widget removed. It also allows easy sharing on Facebook, as it automatically creates a Facebook app with a widget.

Importance of Emails

Don’t forget your email subscribers. It’s a good gateway for expanding the fan base. On the other hand, it gives the customers ability to keep up with your brand. Reaching out to your current customers and subscribers gives you an opportunity to “seed” the giveaway with existing fans.  Additionally, this gives your customers an opportunity to engage with your brand.

Decide What to Give Away

It usually boils down to these three rules: the items have to be cost effective, they must be intriguing and the most importantly, they must be branded. People carrying them around are instantly turned into walking ads in an obvious but non-aggressive way. Stress balls are an ideal giveaway item. They are useful, inexpensive and everybody likes them. In addition, they are effective for any trade or industry and come in all shapes or sizes.

How it is Done Right

Among the franchises who have taken the giveaway approach seriously are Corona and Tony Hawk. Corona’s “Most Liked” campaign was based on liking their Corona Light Facebook page. The luckywinner had the opportunity to have their picture displayed on a billboard in Times Square. Tony Hawk’s contest, on the other hand consisted of a series of stashes containing the giveaway items, and their location pictures posted on Twitter. The point was when one of their 2 million+ followers finds it, to tweet a picture of themselves with their giveaway loot, further boosting the marketing engine.

image by Khalid Albaih on Flickr


Tips on How to Start a Beer Brewing Company

If you know how to make beer and want some tips on how to start your own brewing company, you need equipment, supplies, and a market to sell your beer.

So, you have decided to pursue each man’s dream, and to start your own company for beer production? If, by any chance, you have sufficient knowledge about how to make beer, then there is only the matter of equipment to solve, and you are good to go. But, on the other hand, if you lack the skills and the guideline, or you simply want to go through all of the items required in order to be a successful brewer, then feel free to take a closer look at these tips and directions, in order to be the best there is.

a mug of beer
Many love beer. If you know how to make beer, you may want to start a beer brewing company.

Money and Space

First thing required, is of course, the space where your brewery will be situated. It should be on a dry place, with the constant temperature, for the large scale changes can spoil the taste and quality of beer. If by any chance, you own spacey and dry cellar, this would be an excellent place for your new dream factory. With a nearly constant temperature, humidity and light, you can plan on whether to install heating system or not. In addition, for being in house you already own, the money you would usually spend on rent can be invested in a better way; for buying more quality equipment, for example.

On the other hand, if you live in an apartment or a flat, consider taking on hire medium sized hall. Higher costs of rent can be avoided by taking it for half of a year, with the possibility to pay in installments. Although this kind of payment can require a significant amount of money at the start, it will pay off in a several months. Also, when it comes to equipment, if you can afford it, buy the best available at the market. If not, there are a lot of second-hand sales to go through, and in addition, you may get a word of advice from the people selling it.

160x600 Make Her Smile Banner

Don’t expect to be worldwide known brewery during the night. One of the most important things in this kind of job is tradition. All of the large manufacturers have tradition that goes back for several centuries. In order to be successful, you need to find a market, and there is no better place to start than your favorite pub or a bar. Ask the owner if he is willing to sell a few caskets on a promotional night. In return, you may provide him with low price, or even giving him a smaller amount for free, depending on the quality of your beer. Also, the package of your beer should be recognizable and as simpler as possible.

The beer bottle itself should be made out of glass, for it preserves taste better than any other material. In addition, it can be easily obtained, even grinded and recycled for repeated usage. As for the brand, don’t spare money to trademark everything. Literally, on whatever you can, put a trademark. Maybe not immediately, but in a beer brewing niche sooner or later having a protected design to which you can turn to, is beneficial. Also, by seeing trademark sign, your brand will have stronger impact on the consumers, for you will be seen as a serious factory immediately. Be aware though, that any downfall or drop in quality can harm your image, so try to judge when is the right time to protect your brand. We recommend that first build up your quality, and then seal it with the trademark.

So, with everything said taken into consideration, careful planning is required. Mingle among people which are in this type of business for a longer period, and ask for an advice. General image about them is that they are open to cooperation, and who knows, maybe you will find a future partner or a coworker?



beer image by Wikimedia Commons