Ways To Prevent Termites

Termites might be tiny insects, but these pests can cause extensive damage to a building structure. In fact, it can lead to a building being declared unfit for habitation. Fortunately, numerous pest control services in the area are experienced in dealing with termite problems.

termite damage on a gazebo roof
Knowing ways to prevent termites will prevent costly repairs.

There are several ways you can keep the pests from damaging your home.

1. Regular inspection

One of the best ways to ensure that you keep your home termite free is through prevention. With regular inspection from qualified experts, you can ensure that they do not damage your home. Look for a  company that offers  inspections as part of their services. The professionals will not only know how to prevent the pests from accessing your home, they also treat all the known colonies.

2. Remove access

Another way to keep away the pests is by ensuring that they cannot access your home. This requires sealing gaps and all other entry points including gas lines. The contact point between wood and the ground is a popular entry point for termites. Look for ways to avoid this contact, while also treating the wood with an agent like termiticide. This ensures that the wood surface is unattractive to the pests and you can get rid of the termite activity.

3. Excess moisture

Excess moisture around the home also attracts termites among other pests. The experts can help you to identify problem areas and offer solutions on how to address the condition. Water pooling in the foundation or the roof of the home can contribute to the moisture problem. Make sure that you fix any leaky plumbing, gutters and other places that may be dripping. The basement is another location where moisture can be a huge problem. Getting an expert to go through your home can highlight all potential problems.

4. Food sources

Reducing the food sources that attract the termites can go a long way in keeping away the pests. Get rid of all the excess cellulose materials in the home and replace them with safer alternatives. The wooden siding on your home should be at least six or more inches above the ground. Make smart renovation and landscaping choices to avoid attracting them.

It is a good idea to ask the pest control professional to recommend termite prevention methods that you can use around the home. Also, when buying lumber and other building materials, make sure that you inspect them before bringing them home.