Situations that Would Call for Air Conditioning Service

When your air conditioning refrigerant leaks, have drainage, pressure sensor problems or other system malfunction, it is time to call an air conditioning professional.

There are many instances for which you will want to call a professional air conditioning service. For instance, if the electrical controls on your system are malfunctioning for any reason, your refrigerant is leaking, or you are having sensor issues or drainage problems, calling a professional out to come and take a look at the system, diagnose the problem, and get it taken care of right away is crucial.

air conditioning professional servicing a home unit
When you have the common air conditioning problems or routine maintenance, call a professional.

Sensor or Thermostat Problem

When your system is cycling on and off randomly, is failing to keep your house completely cool, or is constantly running, this may be a sign that you have a sensor or thermostat problem. While an air conditioning contractor can certainly perform those bigger jobs, there is really no job too small. Besides, if you are having problems with your thermostat or sensors, these may be key indicators of a bigger problem. It is best in this type of situation to call a professional technician. Many people worry about calling in a professional for something so small, but when your system is not working, it is important for the comfort of all home occupants to get it fixed no matter what.

Control Failure

One of the main problems that air conditioning systems air conditioning systems have is due to a control failure. Control failures frequently occur when the air conditioning unit is too big or too small for the space that it is cooling. Sometimes the controls on the fan or the compressor will quickly wear out due to being overworked or overheating. There are many reasons why control failures will occur, and if this happens to you, you should contact a professional Eden Prairie air conditioning service immediately so that they can determine what is wrong and whether you need a new system or if the air conditioner size is appropriate for your house but is malfunctioning for another reason.

Refrigerant Leaks

Another thing that causes air conditioners to stop working is refrigerant leaks. Your air conditioner has refrigerant in it that helps keep the unit working properly and prevents it from overheating. Many people think that refilling their unit with refrigerant is no big deal. However, if refrigerant is your problem, then be advised that this is a very dangerous issue to try to take on by yourself. Filling your refrigerant is a task that only the most qualified professionals should take care of.

Regular Preventive Maintenance

Everyone with an air conditioner wants his or her system to be working in prime condition at all times. However, many people are not willing or do not feel they have the time and energy to perform some basic preventive maintenance on their system to keep it running smoothly. While there certainly may be some things that you can do to keep your system running, such as clearing the fans of any debris, most of these jobs should be left to an air conditioning service. This is your best option so that you can have the peace of mind knowing that the system is going to be running consistently for you and you can keep yourself safe instead of doing the work yourself.

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