Affordable and Quality Web Hosting

If you have a small business or are thinking of having one, here is a list of the most affordable domain registration and web hosting in the industry.

man singing web hosting
man singing web hosting
Affordable web hosting for small business makes an affordable website.

The following are the top web hosting companies in the industry, in quality and in price.

Keep in mind that most hosting companies have a “teaser rate”.  That rate is only available on your first payment as a new customer. Therefore, it is cheaper in the long run to get the longer term on your first payment.

For example, if the teaser rate is $1.99 per month, you can buy hosting for one year for $23.88 or for three years for $71.64. Your rate after the first payment is $12.95 per month, or $155.40 per year, or $466.20 for three years.


TMD Hosting


Blue Host