Affiliate Marketing for Your Website

To a business related website, value means maximum earnings at the lowest cost. A website, as long as you have one, might as well make you money, whatever it’s primary purpose might be.

To a business, a website value means maximum earnings at the lowest cost. There are numerous reasons why you have a website, but As long as you have one, you might as well make money from it. From simple to elaborate sites websites are inexpensive, especially WordPress websites.

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Affiliate marketing is where websites conduct business.

When you have a website, you can put affiliate marketing ads in them, whether or not you have an existing business. Find a merchant who has an affiliate marketing program. If someone clicks or buys from the ad, you get a percentage.

In turn, merchants can benefit in sales by using affiliates. Offering more commission attracts affiliates, and of course, more sales. Affiliates must balance their sales with commission paid to affiliates.

Google Adsense is the most popular affiliate marketing firm on the web today. Signing up one time and getting approved gives you access to all of the merchants in Google’s network. It is more of a hassle to sign up, because it has to live to at least some of Google Search’s standards. To get approved, simply read and follow their requirements.  Many wonder why they don’t rank with Google Search. Adsense can give you a clue. But, don’t sign up with Adsense to get higher on search results. Contrary to what many think, Google Search will not give you preference on their search results just because you have Adsense.

Google is genius on the ads that appear on websites. It isn’t the technology of creating these ads. (Google Adsense ads change automatically to ads relevant to the post. That is the goal, but it misses at times.) It is businesses agreeing to pay Google on paying per click rather than sales. Every time Google ads are clicked, the business in the ad must pay Google and the website gets a commission, whether or not there is a sale. A business can go broke paying Google for ads without ever selling anything. The ad above this paragraph is an example of a Google Adsense ad.

A good place to start with affiliate marketing are companies like Shareasale, Affiliate Conversant, and Peerfly.  You still have to follow their rules, but they are easier to sign up for.  They have programs for affiliates as well as merchants. With these merchants, you need to cut and paste their individual HTML codes to put into your website, unlike Google whose merchant  ads will change automatically.

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