Five Main Types Of Accommodation

There are several ways to find accommodations on your travel, according to your situation and budget: hotel, hostel, villas, capsule hotels and bed and breakfast.

There are five main types of accommodation if you wish to travel to a place away from home.  Hotels are the most common and are widely available through travel agencies.  There are other choices depending on personal and budgetary needs. A wide variety of accommodation ranging from cheap to expensive, ordinary to luxurious and squeezed to spacious can make your travel a little more interesting other than the typical hotel or motel. Here are some of the common types of accommodation:

room with bunk beds
There are several types of lodging. The low budget ones have small rooms.

  • Hostels – These are guest houses that are loosely defined which are considered cheaper than most other places. They are commonly used by the youths although there is no upper age limit. If you feel you have a low budget, hostels are the kinds of accommodation to go for.
  • Hotels – This kind of accommodation consists of provision of private rooms for the guests that are serviced. There is wide variety ranging from budget style to those that are extremely luxurious and the good thing about hotels is that you pick what you can afford, there by giving you a choice to go for what you feel is right you.
  • Capsule hotels – This is a kind of accommodation which is a bit cheap because their pricing is more or less than that of a hostel. They are common almost everywhere in the world. Their rooms are tiny just for one person and they have only a mattress, a radio and a TV inside them. Most of them are segregated gender-wise, meaning that there are those for ladies and those for gents.
  • Villas – Many people when planning to go for holidays take into account the location of travel to determine whether or not there are holiday villas to rent there. If you are looking to go for a place to relax, consider renting a villa. These fully furnished houses with kitchen, living room, bed room and in most cases, even a swimming pool. They have the advantages of privacy and space.
  • Bed and breakfasts (B&BS) – are small residences and you will interact with your host and other guests by sharing common spaces and eating together. They are available online if you want to reserve one. However, they have the disadvantage of lack of space and privacy in that you share common places with other guests. They are ideal for quiet environments and interacting with other people during your vacation.

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