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Ben Baligad
Ben Baligad

When I first decided to have a website, I decided on a guest posting site with a small business theme. Business is my passion. I have a BSBA in Business Administration and have 17 years experience as a corporate accountant. I was also a medical technician in the Air Force which somewhat gives me some knowledge on proofreading medical articles.  I have also been to civil court several times as a plaintiff and as a defendant. I have rearched the aspects of all my cases and represented myself most of the time, winning a fair number of them.

The articles are written or written with permission by the businesses linked to or described. It covers an aspect of the products or services which maybe useful to the consumer or reader.

Ownership of the articles are Ben Baligad who also owns this site. Since it is submitted to this site, it is owned by this site. If you are the author of any of these articles and would like to get credit on the search engines and in the article, please contact Ben Baligad.

It is the intention of Articles for Small Business (AFSB) to publish up to date and  relevant information, while in strict adherence to the law. Derogatory information is avoided.  However, such information may sometimes appear unintentionally or maybe necessary to make a point incidental to the article.

Readers are encouraged to comment on the relevancy, currency and legality of the information provided.


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Article updated on February 5, 2015

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