Guam: Land of the Underwater Adventure

Visit Guam for the best underwater exploration that includes one of the world’s largest tunnel aquariums, an underwater observatory and a submarine tour.

Guam offers three unique opportunities for underwater exploration without the need for snorkels, fins, wet suits, or even getting wet.  What could be more perfect than a beautiful Pacific island, tropical breezes, warm climate, white sandy beaches, and crystal-blue waters? Guam has all that, and lots of it. But so does just about every other North Pacific island, you say?  But do those other islands have not one, not two, but three opportunities to get up close and personal with the coral and its sea life—without ever putting on a diving suit or even getting your feet wet? Didn’t think so.

green coconut with beach in background
Guam is the perfect place for underwater activities.

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Ways to Prevent Car Theft

There are many ways to prevent car theft: install a gps tracking system or an alarm system, hide or do not leave valuables in your car, tint your windows..

In cities, owning a car may be easy but keeping it safe is a huge task. Theft cases involving cars have been out of control. Taxis are one of the most victimized sectors when it comes to car theft. If a taxi is not reported missing, it is possible to see cases regarding loss of wheels, side mirrors, or head lamps.

man driving a convertible
If you love your car, you should be concerned with car theft prevention. Image by AFSB for public domain. Attribution is appreciated, but not required.

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